Guerrilla Mail for Android

Guerrilla Mail for Android

Guerrilla Mail for Android

Jamit Software Ltd
Andriod 4.0 and up+


Guerrilla Mail for Android is the easiest way to create and use a disposable email address on your smartphone. The app was just released in support to the popular web version, Guerrilla Mail, that has over 3.5 billion emails processed since its release.

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Product Description

Keeping your real inbox clean is tough, and that’s where Guerrilla Mail comes in to solve the problem. Instead of sharing your real email address with those you don’t trust (i.e. “free to download” sites that require registration), simply create a disposable email address and use it.

This way your real address will never receive any spam emails.

Here’s what’s cool about Guerrilla Mail for Android:

  • Easy-to-get disposable email address. Just open the app and you’ll already be see your Inbox for a new disposable email account. Share this address with whomever you don’t trust or sites that require annoying registrations. You can also download/view attachments.
  • No signup or registration. We hate registrations just as much as you do, so there’s no sign-up/registration whatsoever for Guerrilla Mail. Just start the app and use your new disposable email address.
  • Full privacy. With a simple toggle you can switch to use an alias email address for increased privacy. All emails are permanently deleted after 1hr to ensure privacy. The app doesn’t show any ads, nor does any kind of tracking.
  • Send anonymous emails. Guerrilla Mail lets you receive emails but you can also send anonymous emails out. When sending emails to non-Guerrilla Mail users you’ll need credits, this is necessary to prevent spam. You can add attachments to your outgoing emails and save drafts.

The easiest way to create and use temporary/disposable email addresses is just one tap away.