Go Bubble Go

November 9, 2015
Andriod 2.2 and up


Go Bubble Go is a casual game with a cute bubbly interface. In this aquatic world you must help Plumpy, an alien creature, study our ocean world.

You do that by collecting all the innocent starfish that you find in the water. Careful though, as Plumpys are very fragile and the slightest sting from a spiked-creature will blow them up.

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Product Description

Here are the features that make Go Bubble Go a good choice for casual gamers:

  • Casual Gameplay. The gameplay is very easy, just tap and drag your bubbly Plumpy across the screen to collect the incoming starfish. You must collect a certain number of starfish to advance but avoid at the spiky black ones as those destroy you.
  • Fun Levels. The game currently features 60 levels (with more to come) of pure bubbly adventure. Each level unlocks new bonuses but also new creatures (good and bad).
  • Collect & Trade. Go Bubble Go includes more than 215 different collectible cards with various starfish species. You can use those to trade with friends so this is an unique social game.
  • Experiment. As Plumpy discovers new creatures he’ll want to experiment as well. It is possible to breed different creatures and create new ones so have fun playing as a gene biologist.
  • Community & Leaderboard. You can create an account and join the Go Bubble Go community to interact with others playing the game (trade collectibles, discuss). Based on your score you’ll also see how you rank in the worldwide leaderboards.

Go Bubble Go is a game for all ages. With a cute cartoon-ish like interface and dozens of levels, it will provide countless hours of fun.