Geometry Defense

Zebec Games
Android 4.0+


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Product Description

Ready for a geometry-centric Tower Defense game? Meet Geometry Defense, a classic style tower defense game where the goal sounds simple, defend your base from incoming space enemies. Its unique selling point is combining the classic TD gameplay with an active play where you must also use abilities during the attack to survive. Utilize a vast array of tactics to defeat the foes, poison them with goo, melt them with lasers, burn them, zap them, or freeze them!

Use your wits to build the toughest maze of towers and invest in upgrades so that you can take on bigger challenges with even greater rewards. You can see Geometry Defense in action here:

Game features:

  • Classic Tower Defense gameplay. Build your own maze of defensive towers to protect your base from incoming enemies. A classic TD gameplay with a twist, you must also use your abilities during the attack to destroy the incoming hordes.
  • Different play modes. You can play in Campaign mode through more than 50 different levels (each with 3 types of difficulties). Or you can play in Endless mode and see how long you can survive the infinite waves of enemies.
  • Upgrades. You can build 14 different tower types and also use up to 8 different player abilities. A research tree will give you access to tons of upgrades for these, so use your earned money to upgrade your towers & abilities.
  • Unique enemies & boss fights. As the title suggests the game focuses on geometric forms, and thus you’ll encounter 8 unique geometry-shaped enemies to battle (plus 2 boss types). Because let’s face it, who liked geometry?
  • Achievements & Leaderboards. Connect your Google Play Games account and get access to more than 50 different achievements. As you get better you can access the worldwide leaderboards, or invite your friends to see who’s better within your circle.