Virtual Trading Game

Virtual Trading Game

Virtual Trading Game

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We are living historic times as countries are leaving the EU, controversial referendums are pushed back, OPEC takes surprising oil reserve decisions, the FED increases the rate and last but not least new presidents vouch for dividing rather than uniting.

All these events have interesting repercussions on the trading market. Be it the currency exchange market (Forex), commodities trading, stocks and even crypto-currencies, all these get influenced by worldwide political and economical events. However, these are the perfect times to earn big. Each important event pushes the prices one way or the other, up or down. If you’re wise enough you can profit from that and earn while others worry.

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Product Description


The Trading Game helps you on that path. Using realtime market data it allows you to buy/sell currency pairs or commodities and see how your portfolio evolves over time. It’s exactly the type of game that’s fun enough to keep you motivated, but also teaches you what trading is and how to profit from it.

There’s also more than 400 questions grouped in 10-question quizzes to help you verify what you’ve learned on trading strategies. You can get a glimpse of this game here:

Main Features:

  • Virtual Trading Simulator. The core of the Trading Game is practicing currency trading using virtual currencies and commodities. The best part is that you’ll trade using realtime market data. So be it the EUR/USD or a commodity such as Oil, you’ll see charts with real data pulled in realtime and also historic charts. You can also switch between different types of charts (i.e. use candle stick). Using your virtual currency you buy or sell pairs and then see how your portfolio changes. Just as in real trading you’ll be able to set stop losses to automatically close a position when you’re losing too much.
  • Trading Lessons. Trading, be it virtual or real, is all about a certain discipline. The advantage of a virtual trading game is that you can train yourself without losing real money, and when you’re ready for the real deal it’s just a tap away. The Trading Game has a learning section where you can read through various lessons and understand better currency trading. Each lesson has just enough information to help you understand a topic but also interactive images to capture your attention. At the end of every lesson you can take a 3-question quiz to see if you understood it correctly and also gain virtual $$$ to use in the trading game.
    These trading lessons are targeted for beginners, and when you’re ready for more advanced currency trading topics head on to the Trading University (still free).
  • Interactive Trading Quizzes. Once you’ve mastered enough information on virtual trading it’s time to put your knowledge to the test with fun quizzes! Access 10-question quizzes with several answering possibilities and if you’re good you can earn virtual money. You can see your progress and try to improve on those topics that require more attention. With more than 400 questions, there’s a lot of ground to cover!
  • Trading Profile. The Trading Game brings is a social game too. You have your own profile with stats on how much you’ve gained, full trading history but also the ability to compete with friends and worldwide users. Daily/Weekly and Overall rankings will be the judge.
  • Compare Real Brokers. If you feel that you’re ready for real Forex trading you can see a comparison between top brokers. You’ll be able to choose knowledgeably one that fits what you’re looking for (i.e. minimum amount, spread, …).

The Trading Game is made by professionals experienced in stock trading, binary options and currency exchange thus the perfect choice for anyone looking to start virtual trading… for now.