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With the recent changes with the educational system, I have created a great app that helps students to revise their study material.

“Flashcards” is an advanced learning app that focuses on helping you study faster by using flashcards. Create your own learning decks (i.e. for new languages, studying for a class) and add as many flashcards as you’d like. Study the way you like with 7 different study modes (i.e. writing, matching, audio, classical flashcards) that will keep you entertained and motivated when studying.

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Product Description

Flashcards includes lots of advanced options with the single purpose of making your studying process easier and to avoid giving up. If you’ve been postponing learning a new language just try Flashcards and you’ll see the difference!

Main features:

  • Study anything. Flashcards helps you study smarter for any desired subject. You can create your own set of flashcards for learning a new language, preparing for an exam, practicing your memory skills and more. There’s no limit on the number of cards.
  • Create your own flashcards. The app allows you to create multiple decks of flashcards for specific learning purposes. This way you can create hundreds of image – text associations to learn new languages, study easier and build a vocabulary.
  • Memory games. You can take breaks from classic learning and play the memory game to learn the fun way. This way you “trick” your brain into thinking you’re playing, while actually practicing your memory skills and improving your learning.
    Smart review cards. You’ll be notified when there are flashcards that need reviewing as you haven’t looked over them in a long time. Cards will be shown based on the last time you have reviewed them – “older” ones displayed first, with frequency gradually increased.
  • Advanced management. You can move flashcards from one deck into another, merge decks and import existing cards. It works offline but offers the possibility to sync across multiple devices when connected.
  • Spaced repetition. The app also uses a spaced repetition methodology to help users to memorize their study material for a term, the app can recommend the user which cards he needs to review before forgetting them.