Dollaring: Get Rich or Go Broke

Dollaring: Get Rich or Go Broke

Dollaring: Get Rich or Go Broke

October 7, 2015
Andriod 3.0 and up


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Product Description

Dollaring is a mix between a clicker game and a business management one. You start by creating your own business and collecting money off the products you sell.

Soon you are able to expand either by opening new ventures or by joining the shady club of illegal activities – from bribing to smuggling you can choose how to break the law. Careful though, if you don’t manage your risks well enough you’ll end up broke.

Here’s how Dollaring helps you train your business skills:

  • Get Filthy Rich. The main goal in Dollaring is to become rich, by all means. You do that by opening businesses (9 types available, from the Hipster Bar to creating your own Religion or a Mars Settlement) and managing those to produce money. You can do it the “clean” way or illegally, it’s up to you!
  • Risk Management. Illegal activities (i.e. selling oil on the black market, bribe IRS officials) bring you more many fast but have an increased risk of losing everything. That’s why you need to get insurance and protect your endeavors.
  • Upgrades. You can upgrade each business to produce more or hire managers that help you collect money automatically. Increase the manager salaries and you’ll see speed improvements for money collection or increase the workers’ salaries to produce more.
  • Credits. Using Credits you can purchase insurance (protects against risks), a time travel machine (kind of a game save) and even buy a new life when you decide to leave your illegal activities behind. Reach certain goals and you’ll get free credits!
  • Join the Billionaire Club. What good is it to have money if you cannot show off? That’s why Dollaring has a global leaderboard where you can join the ranks of other wealthy players. The more money you have, the higher your rank!
  • Tournaments. Every month-end 3 of the fastest players to reach $1 million will get in-game prizes and their risk scores will be zeroed out. Simply tapping on businesses to collect won’t help, you need strategy to expand your empire and join the ranks.

Dollaring is a business simulator that is inspired by reality. You can earn money any way you want, legal or illegal, it’s up to you and the way you manage your risks. Might not seem fair but hey, that’s real life.