Darkest Hunters

Android 4.0.3+


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Product Description

Ready to play an unique RPG game with match-3 elements? Meet the Darkest Hunters, an RPG game like you’ve never experienced. Pick a hero, equip with fighting gear and embark on a journey through a dark world. Fight against dozens of nasty beasts, fight powerful bosses, collect loot and find rare items to improve your hero.

Gain experience to upgrade your hero, learn powerful spells and strategize to successfully survive. With more than 300 quests, Darkest Hunters offers dozens of adventurous hours. Experience a glimpse of its gameplay here:

Main Features:

  • RPG meets Match-3 Gameplay. Darkest Hunters has an unique gameplay that combines match-3 gaming with RPG. Choose a hero, equip it with powerful gears and head on to battle nasty beasts while collecting loot.
  • Upgradeable Heroes. You can choose from multiple heroes, each with various abilities. Upgrade their attack, health or mana as you gain experience. Equip yourself with powerful gear, learn spells by visiting the town & buy rare items.
  • Hundreds of Quests. Explore 5 mystical realms and play 50 different levels with more than 300 quests in total. Complete quests to gain gold, diamonds and unique gear. Fight bosses & use your wits to make powerful combos.
  • Dark Retro Design. Darkest Hunters is set in a dark atmosphere that retro-nostalgics will definitely love. Just as in classics like Diablo, you venture through dark worlds fighting awful creatures to save the world.
  • PVP Multiplayer mode. Reach level 20 to unlock the multiplayer mode and fight against other real players around the world. See who can be the best & darkest hunters in the realm!

Darkest Hunters is available for free on Google Play, so one tap away from a true RPG experience with a retro touch.