Best Brokers: Crypto Edition

Clemens Elflein & Daniel Fontes OHG
Android 5+


Ready for the most accurate trading simulator? Best Brokers: Crypto Edition is the only crypto exchange simulation game that uses realtime data from over 100 exchanges.

The only difference between this and the real deal is the currency, in the game you only invest virtual cash. This game combines both the fun of playing with the educational side of analyzing crypto exchange data in real time. 100% the fun, 0% the risk.

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Product Description

Even if you are not new to the trading field, with Best Brokers: Crypto Edition you can test new cryptocurrency trading strategies without losing real money. You can analyze the fluctuation of any of the listed cryptocurrency individually on a dynamic graph by day/week/month/year and see the recent trades other players made.

Here’s what Best Brokers: Crypto Edition offers to anyone willing to give cryptocurrency trading a try:

  • Virtual Portfolio. You choose the currency (Bitcoin, USD, EUR) as well as the amount you want to start with and invest them in any cryptocurrency you want. You’ll be able to manage your investment, monitor the daily/weekly/monthly variations and see your order history.
  • Realtime Crypto Exchange Data. All known cryptocurrencies are accessible to be traded and the exchange data is updated in realtime. The app uses over 100 exchanges to gather the data. A great way of training your crypto trading skills without risking real money.
  • Investment Leaderboard. Show off if you are the best crypto trader by investing wisely. The more your capital will grow based on your investments, the better your score will be. The goal is to make it to the top list, where the best players compete.

Ever flirted with the idea of crypto trading? Don’t throw yourself into real crypto trading as that’s quite a risky market for an early investor. Instead try out your skills by playing Best Brokers: Crypto Edition – after all, the crypto market is one where only the minority wins.