Courser Classic: Watch Face

Courser Classic: Watch Face

Courser Classic: Watch Face

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Android 8+


Want to take your smartwatch to the next level? Try Courser Classic, a watch face that will enrich your smartwatch with a multitude of time-tracking features. Are you an active person that also wants to look professional? Nothing says classy more than a classic watch face, and that’s what Courser Classic is about.

Courser Classic perfectly balances advanced functionality with a classic watch look. It has multiple moving bezels, analog/digital displays, a stopwatch, steps counter and many other custom complications. All topped by unlimited color-styling options that literally let you choose millions of colors.

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Product Description

Here’s a few of its most powerful features:

  • Classic watch face: Courser is a classic Wear OS watch face targeted more towards users that go to the course – be it a golf course or a horse track course, Courser offers an enhanced and refined time telling experience.
  • Real moving bezels: Courser has real moving bezels. There are timer, stopwatch, lock and even compass bezels plus many other complications. The bezels even rotate and work with the analog hands to add functionality.
  • Analog & digital displays: Both analog and digital displays are available. Digital display can be set to 12- or 24-hour modes and for both displays you can literally choose from millions of color combinations.
  • Multiple complications: Courser features many complications (i.e. moving bezels, stopwatches) but also custom WEAR OS complications. You can customize the information panels and even display a steps counter for exercises. Default complications are available for features such as weather, heart rate, Google Fit and Google Pay.

Courser Classic is available for a small fee on Google Play (you must have a wear-powered device to use it).