Super Simple Slide: 150 free tile sliding puzzles

Super Simple Slide: 150 free tile sliding puzzles

Super Simple Slide: 150 free tile sliding puzzles

Stack Tree Studios
Android 8+


Ready to relive childhood memories with a sliding puzzle? Meet Super Simple Slide, a simple yet challenging tile sliding puzzle game that features the same gameplay as those physical games we all had in our childhoods. In fact the first sliding puzzle was invented 140 years ago (the fifteen puzzle), so Super Simple Slide brings onto the modern era a century old gameplay.

The idea is very simple, you are given a real image that’s cut into several tiles (3×3 and above), and you must re-create the image by moving the tiles (one’s empty). While the controls are very simple, solving the puzzles increases exponentially in difficulty. The best part is that you will have fun while training your brain and improving logical thinking and concentration. It is a game for all ages!

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Product Description

Main features:

  • Sliding puzzle gameplay. Super Simple Slide features a simple sliding puzzle gameplay, where you are given an image cut into shuffled tiles and must recreate it with as few moves as possible. One-tap gameplay, yet mind-challenging puzzles.
  • Hundreds of levels. There are 150 playable levels that you can train your brain on. Levels start easy with 3×3 grids, but then advance onto increased grids (i.e. 5×5) and much more difficult puzzles. You always have an overview of the original image.
  • Coin-up! The less moves you finish the puzzle in, the more coin and star rewards you receive. You can also replay levels if you want to achieve perfection in each one. However, if you run out of moves the game is over (but you can replay with coins).
  • Simple design. Super Simple Slides features a simplistic design that helps you focus on the actual gameplay rather than useless eye-candy. Thus you can easily concentrate on solving the puzzle that uses real images.