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Dingless is an app that makes your smart phone DING! less, basically muting sound notifications. Most apps (especially communication apps) have sound notifications and Dingless gives you a one-tap solution to mute all sound notifications.

Or re-enable them just as easy. From Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Twitter to apps such as Viber, Skype and Snapchat you’ll have full control over which one can send notifications.


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Product Description

Here’s what you can do with Dingless:

  • Eliminate sound notification alerts while your smartphone is actually in use. There’s no need to receive sound notifications when buttoning your smartphone, since you can also see the notification anyway. With this option on you won’t receive sound notifications when the phone is active. The sound notifications will be re-enabled however after the screen is switched off.
  • Mute sound notifications completely even if your phone has the screen turned off and the phone is not currently in use.
  • Define pre-set time lapses between two successive sound notifications while you are away from your smartphone. This way even if multiple notifications are to be sent at once, you’ll only receive one every 30/60/90 seconds.
  • Call and Music sounds won’t be affected at all, so if someone calls you’ll be able to hear it and also if you are listening to music there will not be any disturbances.

The problem with sound notifications is that those will draw your attention from whatever you are doing so you won’t be able to concentrate. Especially when receiving multiple notifications in a short timespan.

Furthermore, while they could be useful when you are away from the phone they’re basically useless when your phone is in your hand and active. That’s what Dingless solves, it is a simple app that runs in background and takes care of sound notifications.