Coalescence: 3D Puzzle

Coalescence: 3D Puzzle

Coalescence: 3D Puzzle

Steven Nerat
September 12, 2015
Andriod 2.3 and up


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Product Description

Coalescence is an unique puzzle game that is a true challenge even for experienced puzzle solvers. This is NOT the game for those that expect an easy puzzle to rush through with the help of hints. It is a game designed for those looking to practice their puzzle-solving skills with difficult challenges.

In Coalescence the main goal is to combine cubes of the same color until only one remains, just as its name suggests (coalescence = merging adjacent memory blocks). While the objective is simple, the gameplay increases exponentially in difficulty as levels progress. Initially you are presented with a simple 4x4x4 cube but more and more complex ones need to be solved down the road.

Coalescence’s main features:

  • Simple to Play. Each level shows a color progression you must follow. Adjacent blocks of the same color can be combined to form a single block with the next successive color. You must continue combining blocks until only one cube remains, the only help being an Undo option.
  • Multiple Levels. Coalescence has 60 levels grouped in 3 different packs. You can play for free the first 20 levels before deciding to unlock the others.
  • 3D View. Unlike other puzzle games that offer a static view, with Coalescence you see a 3D view of the cube and rotate it around in any direction. This allows you to pick and merge blocks on any side, as long as they are adjacent.
  • New Challenges. As levels progress new challenges will be added. You’ll have to solve puzzles with missing cubes (i.e. void cubes that cannot be selected) or use universal cubes that can be combined with any color, plus many other new items.
  • Customize Environment. Coalescence lets you modify several aspects of the game, from the background/brightness to the type/skin of the cube and music/sfx volume. This way you can create a play environment that matches your focus mood.

Coalescence is not yet-another-cube-puzzle, it is a challenge that forces you to think more than play.