Chamber of Anubis

Chamber of Anubis

Chamber of Anubis

Andriod 4.0.3 and up


Chamber of Anubis is an enigmatic watch face that lets you experience the mystery of Anubis’ secret chamber. With a beautiful design that helps you quickly tell the time, this watch face will captivate your eyes with an ancient Egypt feeling and mysterious puzzle.

The power of Anubis hides within his secret chamber, can you unlock the core puzzle and discover the portal?

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Product Description

You can see “Chamber of Anubis” in action on this video demo:

Here are the features that make “Chamber of Anubis” a perfect choice for a watch face:

  • Easy Time Reading. The hands on this watch face are positioned just like on a real watch for easy time reading. The hour and minute hands are encrusted with sapphires that glow. This makes it easy to accurately read the time to-the-millisecond. The second hand ticks smoothly and is encrusted with a ruby.
  • Beautiful & Mysterious Design. The watch face is beautifully crafted and shines with gold and gems design. The displayed numbers and inner core glow with a smooth pulse of energy. The core has an animated puzzle that keeps locked the mystery of Anubis’ secret chamber. Can you solve the mystery?
  • Custom Settings. Optionally you can have the date shown on the watch face in MM/DD/YYYY format. You can also choose what the core will display: an animated puzzle, a stable panel with hieroglyphs or the glowing portal to the chamber within.
  • Universal. You can install this watch face on any smartwatch that runs on Android Wear, no matter what the version of the OS it is installed.