CallHound: Block Unwanted Calls

Android 5+


Get rid of unwanted calls with CallHound! Block phone calls from spammers, strangers, advertisers and unknown callers in an easy way. CallHound call filter app is reliable protection for everyone who wants to forget about spam forever.

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Product Description

CallHound App is Your Reliable Shield from Spam

Block calls marked as spam and see blacklisted callers who tried to reach you. Use Floating button to block incoming calls immediately or customize notifications of unwanted calls from your contact list. Create rules manually and manage them in an intuitive interface.


  • Set up an unlimited number of call blocking/unblocking rules
  • Create a blacklist for blocking calls
  • Whitelist phone numbers that you trust
  • Floating button for quickly blocking spammers
  • Does not require an active internet connection

Block Spam Calls
Incoming calls for which Spam rules applied are completely blocked, and the call does not occur. No one, from advertising agents to strangers, can bother you if they are on your spam list.

Block Unwanted Calls
When you receive the call from a number for which the Unwanted rule applied, it marks as ‘unwanted’ on the screen. So, you can choose: to answer or not.

Floating Button
Need to block spam incoming calls immediately? Activate Floating button, and it will appear during the incoming call so that you could add the number to Blacklist in one click.