Business Tycoons

Prajas Infoway
Andriod 4.0.3+


In Business Tycoons you have the opportunity of playing a game of who’s better at building a business empire, you or your Faceboook friends? The game includes 4 different mini-games that you can play to win money and build your business.

You can spin the wheel of fortune, play the classic game of deal/no deal, bet on horses and ultimately building your own business. The game is free to play and requires a network connection permanently to bring you the latest available updates.

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Product Description

Main Features:

  • Spin the wheel of fortune. If you want to become a top business tycoon you’ll need lots and lots of money. The first mini-game you can play in Business Tycoons is “Spin the Wheel”. You tap a button and the wheel of fortune will spin revealing enticing prices that range from $$$ in your pocket to valuable items such as surprise trades, spins, deals or policy protections. The more you spin the wheel, the richer you become as there’s no losing at Spin the Wheel. The game has an auto-spin option that will do the spinning for you up until you only have 5 more spins left.
  • Deal or No Deal. The second mini-game in Business Tycoons is “Deal or No Deal”. This is a simplified game of the classic one that can be played with the cash you have, that when you are out of spin credits. You’ll have a selection of 10 suitcases and then you pick several of them to reveal what’s inside. The more you advance, the higher the payout your banker will offer. Will you accept to deal or no deal to see what’s in the last suitcase? This building can be upgraded and with it the prize will also increase.
  • Horse Betting. Unlock the horse betting building to play a mini-game of horse racing where you win money if you pick the right horse. Careful though, betting is quite risky so you must manage your budget correctly to win rather than lose money. Upgrade this building too to get more returns when you pick the winning horse.
  • Build & Grow your own Business. The last mini-game is the actual business tycoon building game. This will give you a lot where you can start building your own business. Using the earned cash you can build a shop, add vehicles, electricity and even customize the environment. Each item can be upgraded as you gain more cash.
  • Join the Leaderboards. The main purpose is to become one of the top Business Tycoons. The more you level up in the game, the higher you’ll go in rank. Compare with other global players or connect via Facebook to see how you compare with your friends.
  • Get free bonuses. You can spin the wheel in Daily Spin and win up to $10 million. You can play this each day to increase your coin stash. If you run low on cash/coins you can connect your Facebook account and invite your friends in return for free spin credits.
  • Create your custom profile. You can have your own Business Tycoon profile with a custom avatar and name to showcase others who you are.

Business Tycoons features amazing joyful graphics that are enticing both to kids and adults alike. You can watch Business Tycoons in action here: