Budgie: Budget Tracker

Budgie: Budget Tracker

Budgie: Budget Tracker

Android 4.1+


Save money by tracking your finances with Budgie. Just a few seconds spent daily by entering your expenses will result in saving a lot of money overall and keeping your budget under control.

With Budgie everything is gorgeously arranged so that you are encouraged to enter your expenses and stay on track, financially.

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Product Description

Main Features:

  • Smart Budgeting, with a tint of laziness. Tracking finances is a must for a well-balanced life and Budgie makes it a breeze. It understands your financial habits and remembers frequently entered expenses. The more you use it, the less time it takes to enter expenses.
  • Fast Expense Saving. Budgie’s main screen immediately gives you access to several predefined expense categories. Thus in a few seconds and taps you can easily add expenses and keep track of your budget.
  • Gamification-style Design. Budgie features an incredibly lightweight interface with material design graphics, game-like prompts, customisable icon packs that takes away the hassle of financial management. This way you save time while using Budgie to save money.
  • Tailored to your NEEDS. With rolling budgets that let you track monthly expenses and split temporary budgets account for what you spent while on vacation, Budgie lets you manage your money on your terms.

Budgie’s simplicity is its unique selling point as it makes expense tracking an easy-to-do activity and thus keeping you on track to save money. It provides smart budgeting by learning your financial habits rather than relying on you to learn its interface.