iOS 6.0 +


BroadTags is an unique new social media app that for the first time lets users follow topics and not people. It’s innovative, exciting and new, but oh so simple!

On BroadTags you follow a #Hashtag which covers a particular subject instead of a person or company. Anything related to the hashtag will show up providing a steady stream of relevant information. One hashtag at a time, whether you are into #Music, #Fashion, #Selfie, #Coffee, #Cat, #Dogs, #Life or something completely different – BroadTags has your back.

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Product Description

Hashtagging has never been as fun or easy as with BroadTags that takes the # symbol to the next level and here are its best features:

  • Easy Centralized Posting: Share text, videos, and photos in a snap!
  • Custom Searches: Search for hashtags to follow or featured hashtag for a quick update on what’s going on!
  • One-In-One Messaging: Message others privately and let the conversation flow!
  • Custom Photo Filters: Design and share personalized filters for your photos!
  • Custom Privacy Options: Share a little, a lot, or somewhere in-between. You determine the level of exposure you want!
  • Instant Notifications: Quickly learn when someone comments on or likes something you post!
  • Social Media Sharing: Want to share a great post? Easily share with others on Twitter and Facebook!

Follow the top #Hashtags and see them on your feed, or explore them and discover something that you love. Post your own story, photos and videos. Find like-minded people with similar interests to yours to interact, like and comment within BroadTags social network.