Bounty Matics: Fun Math Game

Bounty Matics: Fun Math Game

Bounty Matics: Fun Math Game

Hiscore Labs
July 18, 2015
Android 2.3 and up


Math can be fun and Bounty Matics proves just that. You play as a cowboy that must win as many fast draw duels as possible because the Wild West is a dangerous place. What makes this game unique is the fact that you must do real fast Math calculations in order to win the duel.

You see a revolver cylinder with 6 bullets marked with math expressions or numbers. In the middle of the cylinder you’ll see instructions that tell you to tap on the highest or the lowest number, tap on ascending or descending order and even on a particular number.

This way you are forced to do fast Math calculations to tap on the bullets with the corresponding Math expression/number and shoot your opponent. If you’re too slow and time runs out you’ll get shot instead.

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Product Description

Here are the features that make Bounty Matics a challenge for the brain and a feast for the eyes:

  • Brain Training Gameplay. The gameplay is very easy, just tap on the corresponding Math expression/number displayed on each of the 6 bullets to shoot your opponent. But your brain must do calculations and comparisons fast enough, your LIFE depends on it!
  • Fun Graphics. Set in the Wild Wild West the game features cowboys and Old West buildings designed to be in line with the theme of the game. Beware though, bandits are popping everywhere!
  • Soundtrack. Bounty Matics comes with a soundtrack and includes sounds that match the Wild West theme of the game. If you find those distracting you can use the options to disable them.
  • Challenge Yourself. The faster you do the calculations and shoot the higher your score. Final purpose is to get the highest possible score and when you do to challenge yourself to surpass that.

Bounty Matics combines the brain training of Math calculations with the fun of game duels, thus it is a game recommended for all aged players. It does not contain any type of advertising and you can install it for free from Google Play.