Bling It On! Lite

Daniel Hodge
Android 2.2+, iOS 7.0 +


BlingItOn is a Match3 game that feasts your eyes while challenging your brain & finger-swiping skills. Slide, match and swipe jewelry gems to score high and beat your level time.

Tread carefully as epic surprises await in this diamond faceted distraction. Use your strategy to untangle the never-ending gem treasure in this puzzle jewelry shuffler.

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Product Description

These are the main features that make BlingItOn your next addiction:

  • Addictive gameplay. BlingItOn has a simple yet addictive Match3-meets-Slots gameplay. Slide 3 reels filled with jewelry gems and when you have 3 of a kind on the middle row swipe to bank on those. Careful though, unsuccessful tile swipe causes crazy troubles.
  • Glittery graphics. Prepare your eyes for the most stunning treasure trove of glittery graphics. Over 29 different variations of gems, jewelry, shapes and colors are ready to delight you!
  • Multiple levels. Game spans over 30 different levels of increasing difficulty. Each is re-playable to give you a chance and beat your previous record time. BlingItOn poses a real workout for your fingers, brain & talent!
  • Swipe trouble. Get curious and swipe the Question Marks that slide on the reels to see what they do. Watch out though for the bombs as those are mega trouble if you swipe them.

Aside the addicting gameplay you are also accompanied by a few beating music tracks to help you nod and hum to. You can play BlingItOn’s first 7 levels for free by installing it from Google Play.

Here’s how you BLING IT ON: