Big Quick Keyboard

Big Quick Keyboard

Big Quick Keyboard

YoungJae Lee
July 15, 2015
Andriod 4.0.3 and up


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Product Description

Big Quick Keyboard is a new amazing keypad for Android with an unique arrangement based on a patent-pending layout. While standard keyboards for phones are all based on the same layout with small keys, Big Quick Keyboard brings something different.

It offers wide keys that mimic the exact arrangement of the QWERTY desktop style, just that they are laid out vertically (half of the keyboard at the top, the other half at the bottom).

Here are the features that make Big Quick Keyboard the optimal keypad for Android phones:

  • Patent-pending layout. All the keypads now in the appstore have basically the same crowded layout. Big Quick Keyboard is different, it comes with an innovative layout that is similar to the desktop keyboards. Half of the keyboard is at the top, while the other half at the bottom.
  • Wide Keys. Due to the stacked layout Big Quick Keyboard offers very wide keys so you can be more productive when typing. A dynamic finger print scan showed that Big Quick Keyboard is optimal for most thumbs, unlike the crowded keypads others offer.
  • Easy to use. Just install it and you’ll be able to switch from the default keyboard to it. Once that’s changed everytime you must type something you’ll see the wide buttons that help you write faster.
  • Free. Big Quick Keyboard comes with a free version that allows you to easily switch from the default Android keyboard to the optimal one it offers.