Badanamu Alphabet Talk and Trace

Badanamu Alphabet Talk and Trace

Badanamu Alphabet Talk and Trace

Calm Island Co.,Ltd.
- April 17, 2015
Andriod 2.3.3 and up +


Badanamu Alphabet Talk and Trace is an app that allows children from 0-7 to learn the alphabet using the Badanamu method of Talk, Feel, Play and Think.

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Product Description

This app is all about active learning which means activating a child’s entire brain while they play so that they learn the alphabet faster. Traditional methods focus on telling a child how a letter is pronounced, but our method helps them touch, hear, feel and move like a letter – they basically will discover the letter instead of learning its pronunciation.

Here are the features that make Badanamu Alphabet Talk and Trace the best solution to help children learn the alphabet faster and easier:

  • Fun Quizzes. Children will need to match the sounds they hear with the letters they see on the screen in a fun audio & video way.
  • Fun Characters. Each letter is represented by a fun animated character that they can interact with (drag and bounce it around) and also helps them memorize sounds better
  • Learn Shapes. The letter shapes are learned by allowing kids to draw the shapes with their fingers, both capital and lowercase letters.
  • Improve Vocabulary. After a letter is learned they will see 3 keywords that start with that letter thus improving their vocabulary as well as having fun.
  • Entire Alphabet. Kids have free access to the entire alphabet (26 letters), both in capital and lowercase.

This is not yet another alphabet app, it was built using our own patented Badanamu teaching method that you can read more about on


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