Audio Lab

Duncan Smith
Android 4.0+


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Product Description

Ready to “view” the music? Meet Audio Lab, an app that detects volume, pitch and beat in songs and adds great visual effects to enhance the experience. It includes several different visualizing effects, from bouncing balls to explosions or even clouds to help you relax.

Audio Lab detects music played on your device and starts the matching visuals, but it can also use your microphone to “sense” the external music. This makes it suitable for singers as well, in case they want to see what notes they reach or advanced audio details (i.e. BPM, FFT). You can see it in action here:

App Features:

  • Audio & Music Visualizer. Audio Lab adds playful visualizers to any song/audio file played. Watch balls bouncing to the music in Mosh Pit, explore alien worlds with World Explorer, be dazzled by explosions in Flocking, bop to the beat with Beat goes on, Rainbow and Leafy.
  • Configurable auto-switch. You can configure it to cycle through visualizers and tools, defining for how long it should display each. You can also pick your favorite visualizers/tools and only display those.
  • External music detection. Audio Labs works best when songs/audio files are played directly on your smartphone. But it also uses the microphone input to detect external music being played. Great for singers as well that want to “see” the notes they hit.
  • Audio tools. Aside its powerful music visualizer effects, Audio Lab includes several tools that can be used by musicians. Beat detection will display the BPM rate, FFT will show the resultant frequency wave and dbFS will display volume across frequencies.