Arcade Blocks

Andriod 2.3+


Arcade Blocks will captivate you as it uses a Tetris-like style but an unique gameplay where you must manually arrange blocks on a grid to clear the same-colored areas.

When things get tough you can use power-ups to clear blocks faster and achieve a higher score. Can you master the art of optimal block placement?

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Product Description

Main Features:

  • Tetris-style Gameplay. In Arcade Blocks on a 9×9 grid you must arrange blocks of cubes by color so that you form a connection between 2 similar side colors. Once those are connected the area clears and you get points.
  • 2 Play Modes. Play in Classic mode with unlimited time with the purpose of getting the highest possible score. Switch to Time mode for a more challenging play, as you’ll have only 120 seconds to get the most points.
  • Power-ups. When playing in Classic mode you can use power-ups to get help. Remove an area of 3×3 using the BOMB, use DYNAMITE to remove an area of 4×4 and ultimately LASER to remove a 6-blocks area. You can buy powerups in the in-app Market.
  • Clean Design. Arcade Blocks features a clean material-like design with powerful colors, well-thought contrasts and fine-crafted UI. The clean design helps you focus more on the gameplay.

Arcade Blocks is free on Google Play.