Android Security Suite

Android Security Suite

Android Security Suite

Mobile Cloud Labs Plc.
July 29, 2015
Android 3.0 and up


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Product Description

Android Security Suite is an anti-malware and antivirus app that protects user identity and personal data.

The app is powered by a state-of-art scanning engine that is able to break apart apps, files and archives to search for possible malware. Not only that it scans for Android threats but also Windows malware to prevent infecting your computer when the two are connected. It is one of the few apps that does real-time scanning as well, so aside verifying new/updated or modified apps it will also scan files as they are created without slowing down your device.

Android Security Suite is extremely simple and efficient. Here are the features that make it a great protection solution for your Android device:

  • Real Time Protection. Newly installed, updated or modified apps are scanned in real-time to prevent threats. It also provides safe browsing as it monitors sites you visit for possible phishing or malware threats.
  • Scheduled Scans. You can set up scheduled scans to check your device for threats at regular intervals. This suite is also the only security app that will break apart apps and files to look for threats when doing deep scanning.
  • Scan Files & Archives. Aside apps it will also scans files on your internal storage and external SD card storage. It can scan within archived files as well since those can be a source of infection.
  • Voice Notifications. When threats are detected or other important events occur, the app will issue a voice notification that your attention is needed.

Few people take into account the risks they’re exposing to by not protecting their Android devices, but since that device also contains sensitive information (bank accounts, private data) it is stringent to protect it. This is where Android Security Suite comes to the rescue.