AlgoRun Free: Coding game

Android 7+


Help your kids learn the basics of coding the fun way!

AlgoRun is a fun interactive educational game that helps kids develop problem solving skills and teaches them the basics of coding. With an easy-to-use and beautifully crafted interface, kids of all ages can play through 30 levels of various difficulties that can be solved using mechanics derived from programming concepts.

They use commands, sequences, recursive loops, functions and conditionals to solve exciting puzzles.

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Product Description

The best part is that they have fun doing it, thus it is perceived as a game rather than a traditional learning venue. You can see the game in action in this quick demo:

Main features:

  • Code learning gameplay. AlgoRun helps kids learn the basics of coding by solving algorithmic puzzles. It uses an interactive robot to teach sequences, functions, loops and other programming concepts in a fun way.
  • Multiple playable levels. The game has 30 different levels that can be played for free, grouped by the concept being taught. Each level introduces new game elements, such as portals, energy orbs and much more to keep kids captivated.
  • Beautiful graphics. The game uses a simple 3D design style with captivating scenery and a cute robot as the main character.
  • 100% free. The free version of AlgoRun is truly freeware, with no ads or in-app purchases thus a kid-friendly game.

AlgoRun is the perfect coding game for kids as it helps them understand the basics of programming while having fun. It is available in 3 versions on Google Play:

  1. AlgoRun (Free):
  2. AlgoRun (Paid):
  3. AlgoRun Mastery (for advanced players):