3D Arcade FPS

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Product Description

3D Arcade FPS is a free to play Arcade shooter where you must survive on an alien ship invaded with enemy bots. Aside the main game action you’ll be able to access terminals and play mini-Arcade games to restore your health.

Shoot well enough and you’ll stand a chance at winning the title of country champion or perhaps the world master. But be advised, that’s not as easy as it sounds and you can see a bit of its action here:

Main features:

  • True first-person shooter gameplay. Point your futuristic laser gun on any of the enemy bots and shoot ‘till they drop. The gameplay is addicting as enemies are lurking around every corner.
  • Mini Arcade games. In between shootings you can access terminals and play Arcade games to gain health. There are 6 mini Arcade games to unlock (yes, Pacman is one of them).
  • Sci-fi graphics. Game features 3D graphics with beautiful sci-fi environments and alien-ish shooting enemies. Accompanied by a fast-paced soundtrack and great sound effects, you get the full FPS experience.
  • Leaderboards. The war never ends while you are still alive and your main goal is to get the best possible score. If you are good enough you can access the country leaderboards or even challenge the world champion.
  • Easy controls. Specially adapted for mobile devices, “3D Arcade FPS” lets you play with 1 finger. Just tap anywhere on the screen or if you feel more comfortable use the virtual joystick.

“3D Arcade FPS” is multi-platform, available for Android, PC and Mac.