3 Grams: Real & Prank Scales

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Product Description

3 Grams is a free 3 in 1 Digital Scales App. It has 2 types of digital scales but also a scale prank option if you want to fool your friends. Currently available for Android and Windows Phone. The app requires calibration for the real scaling option to work correctly.

Main features in 3 Grams:

  • Digital Scales using your smartphone sensor.
  • Visual scales that uses your camera to estimate.
  • Fake / Prank Scales with preset weight values to fool friends
  • Convert between different weight measurements.
  • Change units between milligrams, grams, ounces and pounds
  • Watch video tutorials to understand 3 Grams better
  • Stabilization engine that helps with scaling calibration.
  • Set the decimal places.
  • Disable all ads via a one off in app purchase.

You can see the app in action in the demo below:

The core functionality in 3 Grams revolves around the scaling options. Using the real/fake scaling, here’s what you can do with it:

  1. Digital Scales. 3 Grams uses the built-in tilt sensors to estimate the weights of objects. If a proper calibration is done prior to scaling and you use the app correctly, you’ll get quite accurate measurements. In order to use it you must balance your phone on something curved/soft and then place objects you want to measure on the bottom of your smartphone. The calibration is essential, and each time one is performed you are consuming 1 calibration credit.
  2. Visual Digital Scales. Your smartphone camera can be used to estimate the weight of larger objects. Just point your camera to the object after you’ve done a calibration and see its accuracy.
  3. Fake / Prank Digital Scales. The last part of the app is a fake scaling option. You can fool your friends by using predefined weight values to have fun. You can predefine up to 4 different weight values as well as multi tap on the tare button to increase values.

Tips on using 3 Grams for scaling:

  • Do not place objects directly on the screen, use a piece of paper, sticky post-it note or a screen protector.
  • Do not allow the phone to tilt over when placing object on it.
  • You can use many different common objects for calibration like coins, memory cards, batteries etc.
  • Please make sure your device has tilt sensors working and calibrated properly.
  • Save money by buying bigger calibration credit packs via in app purchase.