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The best digital scale app for your mobile. Using your smartphone as a digital scale sounds impossible, but 3 Grams makes it possible. It’s a digital & visual scales app that can weigh objects quite accurately once it is calibrated.

Turn your phone into a weight scale without having the need to carry a physical scale with you. Useful in the kitchen or at home when you need to weigh small objects – for larger objects, the visual scaling option can do the measurement

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Product Description

3 Grams is a free 3 in 1 digital scaling app, and with a bit of calibration it can replace a physical scale. You get some free calibration credits when you start using the app, with the option to purchase additional credits. You can see the app in action here:

Main features:

  • Digital scales app. The core feature of 3 Grams is using your phone’s built-in tilt sensors to calculate the weight of objects placed on it after calibration. You simply have to balance the phone on something soft and then place objects on it to weigh.
  • Visual weight scale. The second scaling option is its visual weighting. You can basically use the phone’s camera to weigh larger objects with a degree of accuracy. Requires calibration to increase its accuracy.
  • Weight reading history. You can showcase scales with 3 Grams as up to 4 historical readings are kept. Each reading can be converted to other scaling units (milligrams, grams, ounces and pounds).
  • Calibration tutorials. The app includes video demonstration and best practices on how to calibrate it to get more accurate results, both for the digital and visual scale.