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- May 30, 2015-Everyone
Andriod 3.0 and up +


Zoopa is a pet-centric app so your one hub for everything pet related: from finding other pet owners, to getting advice on pet places or sending an amber alert to neighbouring pet places when yours gets lost. Zoopa helps you keep your pets safe and happy. Want to arrange a meet-up with other similar pets? You can with Zoopa. Want to get your pet to a reliable vet? Zoopa helps you find one reviewed by others. Want to buy food for your pet? It’s one tap away with Zoopa.

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Product Description

With Zoopa it’s easy to connect to other pet owners and share/chat with them about your common interests and causes. Think Facebook for pets & their owners. If Garfield would be tech-aware, he’d recommend Zoopa to his owner. Here are the features that Zoopa stands out with:

  • Connect. You can add your pet details and make new friends that share common (pet) interests. Connect with Facebook and start socializing with other pet owners that you befriended.
  • Discover Pet Places. With Zoopa you can have instant location access to the closest vets, pet shops and parks in your area. Furthermore, other pet owners can rate these places so you can decide, based on existing reviews, where to go.
  • Chat. Zoopa lets you chat with your friends and allows you to set up meetings in parks or other pet-friendly places. It’s also easy to share images immortalizing the moments spent together.
  • Find Lost Pets. Zoopa notifies all relevant pounds and veterinary offices within a 50 km radius in case your pet was lost. Even more, Zoopa instantly notifies its users within a 5 km (3 mi) radius around you to increase chances in finding your pet.


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