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Product Description

Z-Run is a playful heart-pounding endless running game where you must outsmart ruthless and fearsome zombies. Pick our favorite Whiny Donald, or one of 30+ characters and use your agility to run as fast and as far as possible while collecting coins and dodging zombies. Use your coins to unlock more levels & characters, or in exchange for power-ups and gear.

Discover magical potions, collect coins and rack up points to climb up the leaderboard. Test your ability to outrun and outmaneuver fearsome zombie shenanigans in this exhilarating high-speed chase. Check out all the zombie high jinks in our video demo:

Main features:

  • Zombie-licious running gameplay. Featuring a fast-paced rhythm, the goal of Z-Run is to survive by running as fast and far as possible along a narrow, dynamically generated pathway, all while escaping a pack of unpredictable zombies. With simple one-tap finger controls and fluid physics-based movement, you’re in for a colorful 3D adventure.
  • 30+ fun characters. Collect coins to unlock more than 30 different fun & wacky characters, each enticing you to pick them with a charming dance. Play as Uncle Sam, Colin Coffin, The King, Santa or even Satan and try to escape the flesh-eating zombies.
  • 6 intriguing levels. You can play through six distinct engaging levels, each with its own eye-catching theme. The first level is unlocked. You’ll need to gain experience and earn coins to unlock the other levels. Just keep running, and you’ll get there!
  • Awesome power-ups & gear. Use your hard-earned coins to buy power-ups that will help you supersize or shrink, increase your health or supercharge your run. Buy gear such as a protective shield, fork or even a hammer. You’ll be able to experience certain power-ups as part of gameplay as well.