Zappoint: Business Card Scanner

Zappoint: Business Card Scanner

Zappoint: Business Card Scanner

July 7, 2015
Android 4.0.3 and up


Zappoint is the easiest way to organize your business cards digitally and follow-up on your leads. Just point your phone to a business card, snap a photo and the app will auto-magically transform that into a business contact.

Furthermore, it will recognize links to social media and thus keep your contact details in sync with their online profiles – this way if they change something it gets updated automatically on your phone.

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Product Description

Here’s how Zappoint manages to reinvent the way we use business cards:

  • Keep it Simple, Stupid. The core element in Zappoint is making it dead-easy for you to scan and capture your business cards. Once you do that, all your business cards will be stored digitally on your phone to use everytime you need them.
  • First HELLO. For every lead it is crucial to followup in the first 48 hours otherwise chances of a partnership decrease dramatically. That’s why with a simple tap Zappoint can send a friendly HELLO to your contact after the business card is stored.
  • Cloud-Connected. Zappoint will tell you more about the business card contact than what’s included on the card. Once scanned those cards become cloud-connected and you’ll get personal stories beyond the regular details.
  • Auto-update. Since the app will recognize links to social networks everytime a change is detected in your contact’s details your cards will have that information updated (i.e. a phone change) without any extra work.
  • Timenotes. With Zappoint you also get to have your personal notes attached to each contact, this way you’ll always have a personal timeline at your fingertips with details such as when you’ve met, where, or anything else you want noted.

No one should store business cards the old way, especially when there are easy alternatives such as Zappoint to digitize their content.


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