younlocked: Personal Tracking Lock Screen

younlocked: Personal Tracking Lock Screen

younlocked: Personal Tracking Lock Screen

Tap2, Inc. Lock Screens
- June 22, 2015-Everyone
Andriod 4.0.3 and up +


younlocked (“you, unlocked”) is the only app that lets you unlock new insights on your personal life (health, lifestyle, etc.) every time you unlock your phone.

Just decide what you want to keep track of (for instance mood, sleep, activity, diet), when and how often. After that, every time you want to unlock your phone a question will show (such as “How are you feeling?”) and you just swipe on the preferred answer, the data is saved to provide insights and the phone unlocks. You can track anything without opening an app or changing your behavior.

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Product Description

Here is the list of features that make younlocked unique:

  • Track. Choose what aspect of your life you want to track from a library of more than 400 personal tracking questions. From mood tracking to diet management, you select WHEN, HOW and WHAT to answer.
  • Collect. Your questions with predefined possible answers will show on your lock screen. Thus, to unlock your phone you answer a question, such as “How well did you sleep last night?”. You can skip the questions, decide how often they will show and even turn questions into alarms.
  • Analyze. younlocked helps you visualize your answers over time so you can use that data to improve your life. Each of the 4 data reports can be shared with others too.
  • Achieve. The app is perfect for tracking and managing many facets of daily life (mood, energy, pain, sleep, medication, etc,) as well as specific health issues (diabetes, G.I., cognitive, etc.).

younlocked is the key to a better, new YOU. While protecting your phone from accidental use, you are able to improve yourself and track particular behaviors.


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