Yo Browser: Android Browser

Yo Browser: Android Browser

Yo Browser: Android Browser

Yo Android
Android 4.1+


Make your internet browsing more secure with Yo Browser, one of the fastest Android browsers with an integrated media downloader.

Browse sites with ads blocked and even removing all images if you want to save data & have a fast browsing experience.

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Product Description

Yo Browser cares about your privacy as well so it will let you browse sites in private mode without saving your browsing history. If you’re worried about the data other browsers collects about you, switch to Yo Browser and your privacy will be 100% respected.

Main features:

  • Fast browsing & media downloader. Yo Browser uses proprietary technologies to have everything load with blazing speed on your Android device. You can also download media files with its integrated downloader.
  • Incognito mode. Your privacy is very important to us thus we introduced an incognito browsing mode so that others won’t be able to see your browsing history.
  • Night mode. We care about your eyes. When you’re surfing internet in dark, just enable the night mode.
  • Barcode scanner. Yo Browser simplifies your browsing by integrating a barcode scanner. No need to install an external QR code reader.
  • Child protection. You can enable the whitelist feature and this way only the sites you specify can be opened. Give your child access only to the sites you approve.
  • Integrated Ad-block. Yo Browser has an integrated ad blocker thus all ads will be blocked. You’ll browse faster and consume less data, especially if you disable image loading too.
  • Swipe. Swipe from top to bottom to watch and close tabs or settings. Swipe from bottom to top to access features like history, night mode, download, incognito mode.