Yelo: Your Phone Everywhere

Yelo: Your Phone Everywhere

Yelo: Your Phone Everywhere

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Andriod 4.0.3+


Still paying for roaming? Left your phone at home, ran out of battery, no network coverage but you need to make phone calls?

Meet Yelo, an amazing app that uses VOIP for transferring calls to any device (i.e. desktop/laptop, tablet) and which allows users to answer missed calls before they go to voicemail.

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Product Description

With Yelo you can combat crazy roaming fees, as you can set it to auto-reject phone calls and answer them via Wi-Fi. With Yelo it’s also possible to call using your own mobile number from another Yelo device or desktop browser, as you can see in this video:

Main features:

  • Your phone EVERYWHERE. With Yelo once you set up call forwarding you can answer phone calls from your browser, another tablet or smartphone via Wi-Fi or 3G. It also lets you make calls using your own number and add more than one number to your account.
  • Integrated voicemail. Yelo includes an integrated voicemail system with customizable greeting messages. It can also transcribe voicemails from 11 different languages with new ones being added constantly.
  • Call recorder. You can record phone calls and listen or share them later. You can also automatically reject calls, for instance whenever you have roaming activated, and have those redirected to Yelo to reduce costs.
  • Call & SMS notifications. Connect your Facebook account and you’ll receive notifications whenever a call or SMS is received. You can also configure Yelo to send notifications via email.
  • Android Wear support. Yelo recently added support for Android Wear too so if you have a smartwatch you can answer and hang up calls right from your wrist.

Yelo is available for free on Google Play so one tap away from saving money whenever roaming is activated