Word Puzz

Paul Kindschi
- May 26, 2015-Everyone
Andriod 4.0.3 and up +


Word Puzz is a challenging word puzzle ideal for scrabble players. With over 500 puzzles this game not only will help you test your trivia knowledge but also improve your vocabulary. Every puzzle consists of 10 different words and your challenge is to put word fragments together until you’ve formed all the words in that puzzle.

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Product Description

Word Puzz is definitely a good fit for those that like to play word games or simply want to improve the vocabulary. With thousands of words, it cannot get more comprehensive than this.
Here are the features that make Word Puzz an ideal game for scrabble players and puzzle fans:

  • Hundreds of Puzzles. This is one of the largest puzzle games, with 500 puzzles available for free (and the option to get more). Each puzzle has 10 words to solve, so a vocabulary of 5000 words in total.
  • Scrabble Elements. Each of the 10 words in each puzzle appears scrambled in the grid of 25 buttons at the bottom of your screen. Just as in Scrabble, your challenge is to put these word fragments together to form words.
  • Trivia Play. For each of the 10 words in the puzzle there are clues displayed that help you in guessing the correct word if you know your trivia.
  • Hints. While some of the words are easy, starting up is difficult so you always have the option to get Hints (unlimited). This will give you a random letter and aid you in figuring out the word.


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