Wishing Pixies: Child & Chore Management

Wishing Pixies: Child & Chore Management

Wishing Pixies: Child & Chore Management

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Product Description

Make emotional intelligence a part of your child’s morning routine! Wishing Pixies is an educational game created by a teacher with 20+ years of experience in education. It’s the only child management and educational behavioral game that helps parents raise children that are developmentally and socially strong, emotionally resilient, calm, and kind hearted.

Wishing Pixies engages children with two magical pixie characters in a fairy-tale like world. Children can play various mini games (i.e. cleaning, gardening) and nurture their pixies, as well as do their chores to receive rewards. Parents interact as the Pixie, creating magical playtime where the child can learn valuable lessons. It also incorporates multiple exercises for building emotional intelligence, such as personal affirmations, and kids meditation.

Here’s a few reasons why Wishing Pixies is a perfect choice:

  • Educational behavioral game. Wishing Pixies’ main purpose is to help parents educate their children in becoming calm, emotionally resilient and kindhearted. It does that through a playful fairy-tale like game.
  • Remote management. Parents create an online account that allows them to manage each child’s account, set up tasks, define daily affirmations, assign rewards, send chat messages and even see & grant wishes.
  • Mini-games for kids. Children play a series of mini-games while learning to be more responsible, kind and to express desires/emotions creatively. They clean, collect garden vegetables or do tasks to receive rewards.
  • Meditations & daily affirmations. Through the game, kids can read out loud a series of daily affirmations (managed by parents), learn how to meditate and sing-along. It helps them build emotional intelligence.
  • Chat. Kids can send chat messages to the Pixie from within the game. Parents can read & reply those messages from their online account. This also helps them strengthen their communication skills.