Winner & Rich Mind

Winner & Rich Mind

Winner & Rich Mind

Winner & Rich Mind
August 14, 2015
Android 4.1 and up


What are your chances of becoming RICH? Winner & Rich Mind is an app that tries to answer that question for you.

This app has a very simple goal, to help you calculate your chances of becoming rich/successful. It is based on a set of tests developed by psychologists after a thorough personality research study. You will be asked a series of 20 questions and based on those you’ll receive a score that represents the calculated probability of becoming rich.

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Product Description


Here are the main features of “Winner & Rich Mind”:

  • Fast test. Right when the app starts you can begin the image test and answer a suite of 20 questions. The test is very fast as all questions are straight-forward.
  • Psychological background. The questions come as a result of a psychological study thus the more sincere your answer, the more accurate the calculated probability of becoming rich.
  • Entertaining. Tests are useful for self-help and entertaining purposes thus they don’t replace a formal psychological evaluation. It can be fun though of comparing chances with your friends.
  • Improve yourself. The results can be used as a guide to help you better focus on your goals in life so be prepared to learn things you might not want to know about your current habits.

The only question is, are you ready to really know yourself? If you are, the app is available for free on Google Play.