Windows 10 Desktop Launcher

Windows 10 Desktop Launcher

Windows 10 Desktop Launcher

Android 5.0+


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Product Description

Windows 10 Desktop Launcher is the easiest way to experience Windows 10 on your Android tablet or phone. Once installed it will transform your screen in a perfectly-crafted Windows 10 emulator with all its features such as the renowned Start Menu, action center, search and more.

Windows 10 Desktop Launcher was optimized for tablets but it works well on Android phones too. It also works perfectly in Chromebooks with Google Play support. It’s a great way to experience the desktop interface you’ve become accustomed with on Android too.

Main features:

  • Windows 10 Launcher. Magically transform your Android device in a Windows 10 desktop environment. The app perfectly emulates Windows 10 and has its main functionality active (i.e. Search, Taskbar).
  • Quick access. Use the quick access toolbar to open your contacts, apps, connection settings and much more. Benefit from the Windows productivity on your Android device!
  • Tablet optimized. The app was carefully crafted to emulate the Windows 10 Desktop experience especially on tablets. It works great on Phones too, but it looks perfect on tablets or Chromebooks!
  • Truly free. The Windows 10 Desktop Launcher is available for free on Google Play without any ads or in-app purchases. Unlike other freemium apps, you get the full experience for FREE!