Wild West Saga

Android 4.0+


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Product Description

Welcome to the Wild Wild West! Explore the Wild West with a legendary idle game, the Wild West Saga. This is your chance to become a filthy rich pioneer and rule over the Wild West. Tap to create your first Saloon and dozens of other powerful businesses, hire outlaws to manage them, earn achievements, collect cards and discover hundreds of new towns. Multiply your profits by upgrading your businesses and catching red-handed thieves, and keep on going West as that’s where big fortunes are made. Main features:

  • Upgrade businesses. Buy up to 20 different businesses and build your wealth. Use earned money to upgrade each business and earn even more. Hundreds of upgrades available.
  • Hire Outlaws. Not anyone can work the business in the West, and that’s why you must hire Outlaws (managers) that work the businesses and earn you a passive income.
  • Deeds. Earn coins by completing various tasks, with hundreds of achievements that can be unlocked. Collect more than 80 different trophies and prepare to rank up (coming soon).
  • Earn Patents. Unlock more than 500 collective illustrated “Patent” cards for all businesses, that give permanent boosts to your businesses.
  • Explore the Maps. After you reach a certain population you can unlock a new town and build your businesses in there as well. 600 towns to explore, grouped in 10 thematic areas.

Giddy up and become a rich capitalist in Wild West Saga, and invite your friends to build the most powerful family in the West.