Whist Champion: Card Game

Whist Champion: Card Game

Whist Champion: Card Game

Tiago Picão
Android 4.1+


Ready for a classical card trick-taking game? Meet Whist Champion, a strategic card game played in pairs.

Whist Champion is based on the classical card game played all over the world, but re-mastered to include online saving, achievements, social login and nevertheless a professional play mode.

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Product Description

Play in Normal mode for a regular 10-game challenge or go Professional to unlock championships and hire intelligent partners to help you win.

Embark on weekly and monthly missions and learn a bit about other European countries before every championship.

Main features:

  • Classic card trick-taking gameplay. Whist Champion follows the classic gameplay of the same-named card game. 4 players partnering 2-by-2 split a 52-card pack and then you together with another player controlled by your mobile phone, challenge and defeat your adversaries!
  • Normal & Professional mode. You can play in Normal Mode for the 10 points available or access the Professional Mode. In Pro mode you have a budget and can unlock country championships, pick partners and get achievements.
  • Hire intelligent partners. Each play gains you some coins which can be used to hire partners that help you progress through the game. The more coins you invest, the smarter your partner will be. They can be used only in Professional Mode.
  • Country facts. While playing in Pro mode you will access championships, set in various countries around the world. Whist Champion will also show you some interesting facts for each country so you can enrich your knowledge right before a play.
  • Achievements. Connect with your Google Play games account to unlock more than 35 achievements. Link your Facebook account as well and you’ll be able to brag to friends on what you achieved.

Whist Champion is available for free on Google Play, with IAP if you want to quickly increase your budget.