Which Way: Logical Puzzle

Which Way: Logical Puzzle

Which Way: Logical Puzzle

BA Games
Android 3.0 and up


The motto in Which Way is “Keep on trying”. The gameplay is very simple, just try to collect the dots and circles in each level by doing the least numbers of moves possible. While that might sound easy, the difficult part is collecting all the stars to be able to continue to the next chapter.

And you must calculate all your movements as otherwise you’ll end up in a no-way-out situation and be forced to restart.

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Product Description

Here are the features that make Which Way the perfect way (pun intended) to have some fun while practicing your logic:

  • Easy Gameplay, Challenging Puzzles. All you need to do is swipe in the desired direction to pick up dots and circles before reaching the exit. You can use walls as a strategic direction swift.
  • Minimalist Graphics. The graphics are very simple, the minimalist style allows you to focus on the gameplay rather than being distracted by eye-candy.
  • Multiple Levels. The game has 6 chapters each with 12 levels, thus 72 different levels you can currently enjoy (plus more to be added soon).
  • Star Rating. In each level you can earn up to 3 stars, depending on how many moves you make (the less moves, the more stars). You’ll need stars to advance to other locked chapters.

Which Way is a puzzle game that encourages logical thinking and finding solutions. It’s a great game for those kill-time moments or whenever you want to give your brain a bit of training.


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