Whalely Search Widget

Whalely Search Widget

Whalely Search Widget

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Andriod 4.0.3 and up


Whalely is not merely a search widget, it is the ONLY one that also donates to charities every time you use it. Everytime you use Google/Bing/Yahoo you just help corporations get richer, but with Whalely you help others while still getting highly relevant search results.

Whalely uses the ad revenue generated from your Internet searches to donate to your charity of choice (20% goes directly to the charity, and another 20% of net profit at the end of the year).

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Product Description

Main Features:

  • Search Widget with relevant results. Whalely installs as a simple search widget and lets you do searches right from your homescreen. Get highly relevant search results from the Web or only search for Images/Videos/News.
  • Be Altruistic. Whalely is not just a simple search widget, it also help you be altruistic. Every time you search with Whalely a direct donation is made to a charity, thus you help others while still getting relevant results.
  • Multiple charities to choose. You can choose several dozen charities to donate to or simply let Whalely randomly pick one. An average user helps generate as much as $200/year for a charity so get involved.
  • Social login. You can easily create an account with Whalely or simply use Facebook to login. If you represent a charity you can sign-up and add it to the list. Regular users can suggest charities too.

Whalely will not only give you a quick way to find relevant results, but also it will help boost your altruistic side.