War Piggy

Yuri Nudelman
October 11, 2015
Andriod 4.0.3 and up


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Product Description

In War Piggy you are an air force operative with the mission of destroying General von Rat. Oh and yes, you play as a flying pig that, as ridiculous as it sounds, is amazingly fun.

Only you can make the difference between a flying War Piggy or falling bacon. Hoards of enemies try to stop Piggy and the only solution is to destroy them all. Before reaching the end of each level you will also face powerful Bosses, yet ammo-dodging skills and a powerful counter-attack can solve the problem.

Here are some of War Piggy’s main features:

  • Easy to Play. Your only goal is to help Piggy destroy every enemy in sight. You do that by tapping and holding on screen to move while he shoots continuously. Even if the controls are easy the gameplay gets tougher as you advance through the levels, especially when fighting the powerful bosses.
  • Destructive Weapons. Using the in-game gold you can purchase more powerful weapons than the default pistol. You can equip yourself with a shotgun, chainsaw gun, flame thrower, missile launcher, lightning gun and even the WWI submachine gun.
  • Companions. You’re not alone in this fight! You can have a companion join the fight and help you through the rough times. The Crazy Hedgehog can fly over the battlefield & destroy everything, the Medi-Crane will heal you when you are injured and lastly the Tough Turtle can act as a shield 10 missions in a row.
  • Head Starts. If you collect enough gold you’ll also be able to get a head start that ranges from Minor to Mega in terms of level advancement. You can also up your gold reserve by sharing results with friends via social media or inviting them to join the fight.
  • Upgrades. Game scenes oscillate between day and night but you can upgrade Piggy to be either a Day Warrior (stronger during day) or a Night Warrior (stronger at night). Lastly, you can get the Armor Heaven and more helpful crates will be dropped during the play to keep you alive.
  • Cartoon-ish Style. War Piggy has cool and unique graphics resembling a bit with a cartoon. From fun yet deadly pigeons to commandos and ultimately powerful bosses, everything is designed with fun in mind to make the game an enjoyable experience.