Wandering Souls

Wandering Souls™
Android 4.0+


With Wandering Souls™ you get a realistic horror-gaming experience, as it uses augmented reality to show spirits/ghosts around you and allow capturing them. There are Wandering Souls that travel up to 10 miles a day and you have a map showing how close they are to you. Travel to a place where a soul was last spotted and try to capture it, before it captures your own SOUL!

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Product Description

If you’ve ever been a fan of GhostBusters, you’ll love Wandering Souls. Beware though, it will scare the hell out of you and make you wonder if it’s only a game or more. Experience the thrills of ghost hunting in this trailer:

Game Features:

  • AR-powered gameplay. Wandering Souls uses your camera to display the spirits and capture them. Once you’ve reached a spot where a soul is free just point the camera and look around you to find then capture it. Not for the faint hearted!
  • Local map of souls. Open a local map that will show you where the latest wandering souls have been spotted. Get details on each (i.e. exact latitude/longitude coordinates) and travel there to capture them.
  • Game stats. The goal here is to capture as many wandering souls as possible. You will get points everytime you capture a new soul, as well as learning about the captured spirit’s past life.
  • Skin-crawling design. Wandering Souls is a great match for those who like horror games with a touch of reality. Best played at night, as you will enjoy the view of ghosts being shown right on your phone.

With Wandering Souls your device will become your own ghost portal and your amulet that keeps you safe.