Disguised Voice Recorder

Disguised Voice Recorder

Disguised Voice Recorder

Android 4.1+


Want to secretly catch a liar or be a private eye? Disguised Voice Recorder (DVR) does just that, it’s an app that helps you record your so-called suspect stealthily, without them even getting suspicious.

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Product Description

It shows the interface of a Notepad app but it can secretly record audio files with clever disguised recording triggers (Save/Undo buttons, pressing the power button to activate etc). You can see it in action here:

Special features:

  • Disguised recorder. DVR lets you type into a Notepad app and use the Save/Undo buttons to actually start/stop a secret recording. This is a clever way to record the unsuspecting crook.
  • Record on power button presses. You can secretly start and stop recording with your phone in your pocket, even if it’s locked. The app runs in the background so the whole process is stealth.
  • Power button settings. You can change the number of presses to start or stop the recording; the default is 3 presses. Or you can even disable this feature completely.
  • Stealth recording features. DVR has many other stealth recording features, from hiding the app name/logo and recording indications, to preventing anyone from opening the saved recording list through the app by hiding the file icon.
  • Manage recordings. You can manage recordings (rename, delete) and play their content without leaving the app. You can also set audio file options such as maximum size, format and sample rate for full control.
  • Notepad app. The app can be used as a normal notepad app for shopping lists, to-do lists etc.

Disguised Voice Recorder is available for free on Google Play, so one tap away from discretely recording audio files.