Andriod 4.0.3+


Vocalist is a powerful productivity app that can make it easier for you to mark entries on a list as done or not without you having to touch the smartphone.

Once you have defined lists of entries (i.e. tasks), Vocalist can READ each item, then you ANSWER with yes/no or other hotwords and the app will MARK those items as completed or not.

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Product Description

With Vocalist it is easy to define shopping lists, check lists for travelling (i.e. what to take with you), check lists for activities, professional commitments, lists of work tools to take with you, documents to send and basically anything you can think of.

Since it doesn’t require interaction with your smartphone to mark items as done you can use it in any environment without too much hassle (i.e. when you are backpacking on a trip).

Main Features:

  • Create & Manage Lists. With Vocalist it’s dead easy to create lists (todos, tasks, items, …). For each list you can assign its own different color and a category of 6 predefined ones or a new one you can create. Each list can be later edited to modify name, color or category.
  • Save or Share. Lists can be saved locally on your phone or you can use the share feature to send those lists via social networks to your friends or family. Lists that were saved can be later re-imported on the same phone or on a different one in case you have multiple devices.
  • Personal Audio Assistant. The power of Vocalist resides within its voice recognition and speaker abilities. For any list of items Vocalist can read out-loud the items in the list with high accuracy, and you can reply with positive or negative words to mark an item as done or not finished yet.
  • Define Hotwords. The list of words that the app recognizes as positive (i.e. OK) or as negative (i.e. NO) can be customize to include any words you want in ANY language – you can even define your own expression for a done or not finished item.

Vocalist has a free version available that displays some ads, but if you want to remove those you can easily purchase the PRO version for a mere fee (less than a cup of coffee): Vocalist (no ads).