Unique Widgets

- March 19, 2015
Andriod 4.0.3 and up +


Unique Widgets is where simplicity meets the beauty. A dozen of fully customized weather, clock and battery widgets are waiting to make your home screen unique. As unique as yourself.

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Product Description

We provide ultimate customization options, so you can change every pixel of your widgets and add it to the home screen. There are also some unique analog clocks which have been designed by some painters. And you’ll never find them in any other places.

Unique Widgets Features:

  • Modern and unique design
  • Analog and Digital clock widgets
  • Full Weather condition and forecast widgets
  • Battery status widget
  • Dual Clock widget
  • Ultimate customizations for home screen widgets
  • More than 60 resizable layouts, So you can easily use for big screens
  • Moon phase
  • Hand-made analog clocks
  • Hour-by-hour weather forecast
  • 10-day weather forecast
  • Weather information provided by weather.com (the most reliable source, trusted by Yahoo and Apple )
  • Real time battery information: remaining battery, battery usage chart, voltage, temperature, condition, status, last time charge, time to fully charge
  • Real time weather information: Temperature, feels like, condition, wind direction, humidity, precipitation and visibility
  • Real time weather condition in the notification bar
  • Online Catalog which is updated constantly and you can download new layouts and designs for free
  • Android Wear support coming soon

Please note:
Widgets must be installed on main memory and you can not move them to SD card, this is Android limitations and unfortunately we can not do anything about it.


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