Ultra Battery Saver Pro

Ultra Battery Saver Pro

Ultra Battery Saver Pro

Android 4.0+

How long does yours last? Your smartphone’s battery that is, does it last for a few days, a few hours? No matter how much it lasts now, with Ultra Battery Saver Pro your battery can be optimized to last up to 500% more.

If you don’t want to mess with settings you can choose an Auto Pilot mode and let the app auto-adjust your device to save battery. Or drill down into powerful features and configure individually device tuning and smart optimizations.

Product Description

With Ultra Battery Saver Pro not only you optimize your smartphone’s battery, but you can also optimize its charging time. Save time and money with a few fine tuning options.


  • AI-powered optimization. Ultra Battery Saver Pro can be set on Auto Pilot mode to optimize your device’s battery life without you having to lift a finger… literally. It will automatically choose the best battery saving options based on AI optimizations.
  • Advanced tuning. You can run very powerful device optimizations if your smartphone is rooted, such as ROM optimization or Core Tuning. If your device isn’t rooted you can still access a service stopper to save battery, choosing unnecessary services to stop.
  • Smart optimizations. Turn the device’s WiFi off when screen is locked, & back on when active. Choose Smart Sync to sync only during certain times & save battery. App can also auto-adjust brightness to save battery, and also mute unnecessary system sounds.
  • Charging optimizer. Speed up the battery charging by limiting some of your device’s features. You can choose to automatically turn off WiFi/Bluetooth when it’s charging, mute system & notification sounds, alarms and more.
  • Extra optimizations. Fine tune some other battery saving settings such as switching to silent mode depending on battery level, turning off auto-rotate, turning WiFi/Bluetooth off and much more.