2 Balls

- May 5, 2015
Andriod 2.3 and up +


2 Balls” has an incredibly simple gameplay, but an incredibly difficult task. When the game starts, one of the balls rotates around the other continuously and at a fast pace. Your task is to tap when the rotating ball can safely land on a solid element. But since those elements are usually solitary, most of the times you’ll land in an abyss and will need to re-start playing.

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Product Description

Try “2 Balls” once and you’ll embark on a journey to compete with yourself for the highest possible score. But BEWARE, the game is known to cause addiction and we’re not responsible for any side-effects (i.e. dreaming about rotating balls or collapsing worlds).
Here are the main features of this simple but frustratingly addictive game:

  • Simple Gameplay, Impossible Game. All you have to do is tap when you think it’s safe to land the ball. If it lands on a solid brick you can advance, if it falls in the abyss you have to restart the game.
  • HD Graphics. Excellent HD graphics that allow you to focus on the gameplay. You can’t stay long in the same spot as the world you’re staying on collapses brick by brick.
  • Achievements & Social Bragging. You can consider yourself an expert if you get a score with more than 1 digit. Thus the game allows you to brag about your score via social networks and also offers achievements.
  • Vanity Upgrades. Throughout the game you’ll be able to collect bonuses, those can be exchanged for different looking balls.


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