Truck Trials Driving Challenge

Craig Briggs
Android 4.0.3+


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Product Description

In Truck Trials Driving Challenge you have to make sure to put enough fuel before hitting the road and get ready for an extreme off-road driving experience like never before.

This is an interactive platform game where the player has to navigate each level and collect 3 fuel cans along the way to continue playing. To do this, users are able to drag objects onto the screen so that the truck can complete the level:

What makes “Truck Trials Driving Challenge” different is its unique combination of puzzle, arcade, platform, and action genres.

Main features:

  • Arcade meets Puzzle. This game is a clever gameplay combination of Arcade and Puzzle Gaming.
  • Hours of Fun. A lot of challenging levels await to be unlocked, so dozens of hours of fun.
  • Vibrant Experience. A combination of cool, smooth, high-quality graphics and excellent sound effects.
  • Immortalize the Moment. Players can take screenshots during the game to showcase achievements.
  • Realistic Effects. You’ll experience an (almost) realistic driving experience with dynamic effects.

Download Truck Trials Driving Challenge now and experienced challenges in driving that you never had before!